Food is the basic need of human being. A developed sector of Poultry, Fishery and Dairy ensures regular supply of food containing required food value and nutrition for human health. The Mission of H R Group is to enrich the sector through supply of cheap and quality ingredients to Feed Industries for processing feed for the Poultry and Fishery Farms all over the country. The Group is committed to the pursuit of excellence through best quality products, innovative process and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers. Besides above, one of noble missions of the sponsor of the company is to pursue philanthropic activities and to spend a handsome amount out of the profit of the business he earns.


  • Endeavour to attain a position of market leadership in the sector
  • Develop an atmosphere of ownership among the employees of the company
  • Promote an environment for learning and personal growth.
  • Attain a high level of productivity in all the operations through effective utilization of resources and adoption of appropriate technology.
  • Promote inclusive growth by encouraging and assisting the distributors and suppliers in improving efficiency.
  • To become more generous towards CSR activities. The vision is therefore to establish a free Primary School, and a High School, an orphanage, a maternity and a general hospital for the poor.